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Zentrum ZMK

Policlinic for Dental Prosthetics

Work group oral biology and tissue regeneration

I. Ultrastructural analysis

  • Elucidation of the ultrastructure of normal and diseased tissues
  • Immunogold-histochemistry
  • Double and triple localizations of proteins in tissues and cells
  • Ultrastructural in situ hybridization
  • Combined in situ hybridization and immunogold-histohemistry to detect the mRNA together with the corresponding protein
  • Quantification of immunogold-histochemistry results

II. Histology

  • Paraffinhistolology of normal and dieased tissues and cells
  • Semithin sections
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Non-radioactive in situ hybridization
  • Immunfluorescence
  • In situ-RT-PCR

III. Molecular biology

  • Isolation of mRNA from native tissue, also from those rich in extracellular matrix, like cartilage and bone
  • cDNA synthesis
  • probe preparation for in situ hybridization via PCR
  • PCR
  • Quantitative real-time PCR
  • Microarray
  • siRNA
  • Cell immortalization with hTERT or SV40
  • CRISPR/cas9

IV. Cell biology

  • Cell culture of primary human cells, for example chondrocytes in 3D alginate
  • Western Blot
  • Production of monoclonal antibodies
  • FACS
  • Protein overexpression in primary human cells